Frequently Asked Questions!

Q : What do I have to do to start a project?

A:   We would like you to email us your bands logo, album art, PSD (layered if you have them)  Mp3 or Wav file, and lyrics to begin.

Q : How long does it take to finish a video?

A:  It all depends on how long the song is. Turn around time is from 4-7  days. It may be longer depending how complex the project is. 

Q: How will I receive my finished video?

A: You will first receive a 30-45 second low quality preview of the video project. Once the preview is approved you will receive the final video low quality. After the video project is approved and the edits are complete we will render a High Quality 1920x1080 video project. Then we will send you a wetransfer file download link to your project. 

Q: Can you work with an audio file that has not been mastered?

A: We can work with a audio file that is not mastered. The only thing we ask is that the vocal timing (lyrics) don't change where there said. 

Q: Can we work with images and logo's that are not High Quality?

A:  No, we want everything to be Highest Quality for a great outcome of your project.